Our attractive Green Earth® towels are incredibly soft, absorbent and durable – more so than comparable hospitality towels. Plus they're better for the environment! What's the secret? They're made with super-fine Extra Long Staple cotton that features a higher fiber strength than regular cotton, resulting in a bulkier yarn and more open loop structure. And because the open loop structure has more surface area, it absorbs 10 to 12 times its weight in water and dries 10 to 20% faster than regular cotton towels.

Manufactured to reduce impact on the environment in a state-of-the-art, agri-waste powered, zero discharge facility incorporating control-union certified, sustainable eco-friendly dyes and chemicals. Available in classic white.

- High fiber strength Extra Long Staple cotton
- Wonderfully soft and bulky, yet light
- Exceptional durability
- Superior absorption: absorbs 10-12 times its weight in water
- Faster drying: 10 to 20% faster than regular cotton towels
- Costs less to launder (uses less water and detergent; dries faster)
- Eco-friendly manufacturing
- Available in classic white

Bath Towel: 27x54 / 12.5 lb/dozen
Hand Towel: 20x32 / 5.25 lb/dozen
Washcloth: 13x13 / 1.4 lb/dozen
Bath Mat: 20x35 / 8 lb/dozen

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